Should I hire a sleep trainer?  All your questions answered.

If you have a baby/child who is older than 6 months with no precluding medical issues, who is waking frequently through the night, takes a long time to settle or go to sleep, who relies on sleep crutches to go to sleep every time they wake, and – this is the critical factor – you as the parent are wanting to change this behavior, but do not feel able to do it alone, you may want to consider hiring a sleep trainer.

Whether we like it or not parenting in the 21st century has become a bit of a competition, and sleep training has somehow become the bench mark for how good you are at this parenting thing.

NO ONE should be made to feel inferior or inadequate because their baby struggles to learn to sleep and they need a little extra help. It is a very common issue and in most cases easily resolved, providing there is no underlying medical condition that is preventing your baby from sleeping.

I have spoken to so many mothers who are sick of being preached at, and frankly almost bullied by other parents because their baby hasn’t learned self soothe by three months old.

This social phenomenon of competitive parenting makes me furious. Not only is it mean spirited and unhelpful, in my experience it can become a contributing factor to anxiety and even post-natal depression, both of which have shown adverse long term effects on children.

For your own sanity and the health of your baby, you should feel confident in your parenting decisions and abilities without the pressure of other people’s opinions. Whether you feel you need the support of a sleep consultant to help iron out a few wrinkles in your sleep training road, or if you need an in-home sleep trainer to help you step by step through the entire process, you should feel no guilt in asking for help.  You would be surprised at how many parents “secretly” get help from a sleep trainer.

Sleep Train My Baby was designed as a high-quality resource, with the best and most up-to-date research and information to empower parents to sleep train on their own- but it is also a world class service, providing the best sleep consultants to parents who need more support.


What is the difference between phone or Skype support, and in-home support?

There is no question that for most parents, budget will be a major deciding factor in which type of service they choose. The other contributing factor in this choice is the level of support parents feel they need.

Phone / Skype- What’s Great About It?

  • You can schedule calls to fit your household’s rhythm. Our sleep consultants are available 24/7 so if you are a registered client and feel you need to call at 2 am for support, you can do it. It is often more effective to speak with your sleep consultant as the issue is happening so you can get instant, implementable advice- rather than waiting until the next day to speak with someone when you may have forgotten some of the details you want to talk about and you must wait until the next night to implement the advice.


  • You can choose as many calls as you need until you feel confident that your baby has resolved any sleeping issues. If you need a daily check in, or a weekly check in, phone / Skype is much more convenient as they can take place anywhere, and anytime. You don’t even need to get out of bed if you don’t want to!

In-home Sleep Training- What’s Great About It?

  • If you have the budget for it, in-home sleep training is often the fastest way to sleep train your baby. An experienced, professional sleep trainer has the expertise to immediately assess your baby and understand why your baby is having sleeping issues in the comfort and security of your own home. This  can help make the whole process of sleep training much faster.


  • The advantage of in home sleep training as opposed to going to a pediatric sleep center is that your baby /child learns the new sleep patterns and behaviours in a safe, loving and familiar environment, which makes it easier for them to continue the new sleep behavior when sleep training is completed. It also reduces the chance of your child relapsing into poor sleeping habits.


  • Another phenomenon associated with in-home sleep training, is that babies often do things for a stranger that they won’t do for their parents- I have no clinical evidence for this statement, but in my experience babies and toddlers will be more compliant to an authority figure that they do not know very well. They will often not wake at all / or take far less time to settle if they know that it is not mummy or daddy coming to soothe them. Very often a few nights of this is enough to break poor sleeping patterns and set babies and toddlers on the road to better sleep habits.


  • As a parent, you have 24-hour access to a world class sleep trainer in your own home to answer any questions you may have, when you have them. One of the perks of in-home sleep training is having access to not only their sleep training knowledge, but all their pedagogical knowledge! Our sleep trainers will happily share all their knowledge and expertise with you, whether you have questions about milestones, daytime routines, nutrition, or sleep.


  • And best of all- you as the parent get to have a full night’s sleep while your sleep trainer takes care of all your baby’s needs. You will be updated each day on the progress you baby has made, any questions you have will be answered. Your sleep trainer will teach you techniques and methods suited to your baby so that you can help your baby maintain their new sleep behaviours successfully once your sleep trainer leaves your home. In-home sleep training is the most intensive support available.


Some people are not keen to have a virtual stranger in their house to help with sleep training. This is a totally understandable reaction and it is the reason why Sleep Train My Baby provides an initial Skype consult of up to three hours prior to any in-home sleep training. This is for two reasons, firstly there are some practical things that you as the parents need to prepare for before sleep training can take place, and secondly it provides an opportunity for you to connect with your sleep consultant and be sure that you have been paired with the right one for you and your family’s needs. As with all things sleep training, happy confident parents are the cornerstone for success.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.