My name is Genevieve Ramirez, and I am the Founder of Sleep Train My Baby.

For the past 18+ years I have been working with babies and their parents from all over the world. I have trained as a midwife and lactation consultant, have a certificate in ante-natal and post-natal nutrition and am currently studying child psychology- specializing in infant mental health. I have worked for 10+ years as a night nanny and a neonatal nanny, as well as a live-in nanny for people from all walks of life. I am also the mother of two wonderful boys. During my career, I have helped over one hundred children learn how to sleep. After spending so much time accumulating such specialized knowledge and training around babies and sleeping, I felt it was time to put this knowledge to greater use and create a resource and service to help parents overcome the issues and problems that so often arise when teaching babies to sleep through the night – and thus Sleep Train My Baby was created.


At Sleep Train My Baby, we believe that every parent should be able to experience parenthood without the added stress of constant sleep deprivation. Having a baby that won’t or can’t sleep can be incredibly stressful and may make your parenting experience feel like an endurance race- something you must survive, just get through, rather than the wondrous, joyous time it could be.

We believe that, whatever your parenting style, we can help you teach your baby to sleep quickly and effectively so that you can get back to sleep, and back to enjoying parenthood.

All our sleep trainers have at least 15 years of experience. Some have trained as midwives and lactation consultants, some are pediatric nurses, some have a background in infant mental health, while others are experienced night nannies. We have done our best to gather a team of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced professionals so that we can provided the best service possible.


Quite simply, no, you don’t.

 First and foremost, Sleep Train My Baby is a resource to help parents find the information they need to teach their babies to sleep without the need for outside help.

That being said, some parents, especially new parents, feel they need more support. Whether that be via a series of phone calls, Skype calls or even in-house overnight sleep training, there is absolutely nothing wrong with needing more support.

Every family is different and Sleep Train My Baby works hard to accommodate a variety of needs to suit a variety of budgets.